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Sunday, January 25, 2015 Vol. 78 No. 9

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January 2015 Issue

Tools at Your Fingertips | Compiled by Jennifer Zurko
Regardless if new technology confounds you or has you standing in line for the next fancy gadget, these online tools, new software and smartphone apps allow you to do everything from filling out health insurance paperwork to calculating fertilizer dilutions to promoting your business directly to the consumer.

Investing: Money In, Money Out | Mark E. Battersby
Make sure you know all of the rules before you borrow money from your business.

Culture Notes
A Full Line-up of Super Cyclamen | Ken Harr
When growers and landscapers need something with class, style and a bit more panache, cyclamen produces that standout crop for the best and most discerning customers.

Culture Notes Special Edition: Sun Spun Petunia | Ryan Hall
For the next 12 months, we’ll be highlighting varieties from Ball FloraPlant’s Real Series. What does “Real” mean? Everything flowers and ships within the same week, shares the same culture recommendations, finishes with the same habit and vigor, and is the most uniform assortment on the market. This month’s article is about an annual consumer favorite.

Growers Talk Production: All Hail the Maintenance Man! | Chris Fifo
The saying, “it’s only expensive if you can’t do it yourself” isn’t always true. It’s certainly less expensive than calling a professional. In the greenhouse, the maintenance man usually doesn’t have that option. He has to be a professional at everything.

Petal-ling Petunias: How to Finish Better & Faster | Tami van Gaal & Virginia Brubaker
Between the vigorous growth and masses of vibrant flowers, even the most experienced grower can face some challenges with petunias.

Under an Acre

Egge Seed & Nursery in Eugene, Oregon, is far from your standard garden center. Interspersed throughout the aisles of hanging baskets and plants are containers of what owner Jennifer Egge fondly terms “rusty gold.” It’s these containers that have garnered a loyal clientele, who drive by larger garden centers in search for something unique.
Pest Management

Here’s a listing of pests which neonicotinoid insecticides are used against and a number of potential alternatives.
Growers Talk Business

As we roll into 2015, our team is focused on three big insights we’ve learned over the last year.
Acres & Acres

That question comes to mind this month after reading a couple of news pieces that touted “horticulturist” as a job that’s both desirable and necessary.

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