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Saturday, July 26, 2014 Vol. 78 No. 3

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July 2014 Issue

Plug & Cutting Conference: Advanced pH Management | Paul Fisher, Ryan Dickson, Bill Argo & Bruce Mackay
To lead up to AmericanHort’s Plug & Cutting Conference, we’ll be highlighting a few of the topics that will be discussed directly from a few of the event’s speakers. This month: matching the nitrogen ratio in fertilizer to your water alkalinity and crop species.

Good … and Plenty | Chris Beytes, Ellen C. Wells and Jennifer Zurko
While Spring 2014 is going down as memorable for its molasses-slow start and hot-sauce finish, Spring Trials 2014 will be remembered for a thousand attendees from around the world, untold new varieties to choose from, great weather and inspiration galore.

Culture Notes
Recipe for Fall-Finish Echinacea Production | Bin Liu
PowWow Wild Berry and Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea can be successfully produced as a fall crop to reach those key, cool-season decorating and gardening markets.

Add a Little Glamour to Your Perennial Lineup | Jeremy Windemuller
If you’re wary of growing phlox because of its notorious disease issues, take another look at Phlox Glamour Girl that shows tremendous resistance to powdery mildew in production and garden use.

Giving Growers the Weekend Off | Chris Beytes
Occasionally, GrowerTalks likes to reveal little-known details about the birth, growth or success of a well-known horticultural business. This month: Lock Drives, which gave greenhouse growers back their nights and weekends.

Proper ID of Plant Diseases | Dr. P. Allen Hammer
With experience and training, a grower can often identify the most likely disease, particularly with easily identifiable diseases. However, those leaf spot and root rot diseases are often difficult for growers to identify correctly even with lots of experience.

Under an Acre

Operating Blue Stem Farm—a four-season farm in Northern Michigan—may seem like a strange career choice for a chef and graphic designer, but for the Browers, it was the perfect fit.
Pest Management

Poinsettia growers will remember the 2012 growing season, when high numbers of Bemisia whiteflies came in on the cuttings and were very hard to control. This experience has taught us that new tools are needed to disinfest cuttings, so that growers can be sure to start with a clean crop every year.
Growers Talk Business

We saw great sales this spring, but don’t get all excited and throw caution to the wind and increase production next year so that we cannot maintain upward pricing for the future.
Acres & Acres

In April, I sent out my annual April Fools edition of Acres Online. What I've learned from perpetrating these myths is that I can mislead otherwise-intelligent people simply by surrounding a lie with lots of truths.

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