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Sunday, February 26, 2017 Vol. 80 No. 10

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New Products
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 1/31/2017

Ball Seed

You can always count on Ball Seed to bring you the best garden mums for most applications and almost every market, thanks to the expertise of their own Mr. Mum, Ed Higgins. He works tirelessly each season to trial and evaluate mums on the market. Maximize your consumer satisfaction with Ball Mums. They’re chosen for their flower power and keeping quality to work well on the bench, on the cart, on the shelf and in the garden. Pictured: Castor Yellow.

With new Multipaks from Syngenta, greenhouse and nursery growers will have what they need to preventively treat for many common insects and diseases they might face in the upcoming season. The most recent product innovations are available all year long in these convenient offerings. Mural fungicide + Mainspring GNL insecticide Multipak provides broad-spectrum insect and disease control and application flexibility. Avid miticide/insecticide + Mainspring GNL Multipak offers comprehensive insect control with two modes of action. The downy mildew/Phytophthora Multipak contains three products, including Segovis fungicide, which make up an excellent rotation program for long-lasting control of both diseases.

Lambert Peat Moss
Lambert Professional Organic Peat-Based Substrates for organic production (OMRI Listed) are formulated from Premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss mixed with selected components from certified suppliers. Lambert’s Organic Peat-Based Substrates include: LM-18 Organic Germination Mix, LM-111 Organic All Purpose Mix, LM-6 Organic High Porosity Mix and LM-100 Organic Professional Growing Mix. Available sizes are 3.8 cu. ft., 55 cu. ft., 120-cu.-ft. compressed bags and 3.0-cu.-ft. and 74-cu.-ft. loose-fill bags.

Premier Tech Horticulture

Mid-Atlantic growers, Premier Tech Horticulture is proud to introduce PRO-MIX BK25 and PRO-MIX BK55, two medium-weight peat/bark-based growing media containing processed southern pine bark, sphagnum peat moss and perlite. Designed for greenhouse crops (4-in. pots or larger), PRO-MIX BK25 is a general purpose growing medium offering good drainage and low water retention, while PRO-MIX BK55—which has a high bark content that adds weight for better container stability—is designed for long-term greenhouse crops and outdoor-grown perennials.

Terra Nova Nurseries
Coleus Maharaja is a vigorous spreading plant with deep, oxblood-burgundy leaves with gold edges. Its foliage height of 12 in., foliage spread of 30 in. and small, trailing habit make it ideal for many uses in the garden and landscape. It also serves well as a colorful houseplant. This variety is well-suited for regions with heat and humidity, such as the Deep South, and it thrives in shade to part shade. Well-drained soil with moderate organic content is required.

EuroAmerican Propagators
Dyckia brevifolia Grand Marnier displays long gray-green leaves that are covered in silvery white scale-like hairs, giving the plant an overall white appearance. The leaves twist and curl downwards with claw-like spines on the margins. Grand Marnier can take extended dry periods, but an occasional watering can go a long way. Excellent in containers, rock gardens and in xeriscaping. GT

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