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Sunday, September 25, 2016 Vol. 80 No. 5

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New Products
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 7/28/2016

WHS Australia

EasyFill round bottom, heavy-duty grow bags are made from high-quality raw materials with UV additives for durability and extra-strength handles for easy maneuverability. Planting with EasyFill Grow Bags will promote superior root growth and air pruning. The bags prevent root circling, control soil health by keeping it free from ground contaminants and save on water. Manufactured to suit all U.S. climates.

Bounce Interspecific Impatiens give you color in the shade. All-new genetics offer resistance to Impatiens Downy Mildew with the habit and flower count of I. walleriana. Watch it bounce back after wilt and thrive in sun and shade. Suitable for production in small pots up to hanging baskets and available in several key colors, as well as new Bright Coral (pictured) for 2017 retail sales. Supplied as unrooted cuttings from Ball Seed and as rooted cuttings from select Root and Sell locations.

Hort Americas LLC
For a limited time Hort Americas is promoting Terra Genesis fertilizer in a 2.5-gal. jug. This OMRI-listed fertilizer was developed for recirculating nutrient film technique (NFT) production systems. It can be used for the production of lettuce and other leafy greens, basil and other herbs. Terra Genesis is a fermented colloidal molasses formulation combined with a unique complex microbial package. It is derived from fermented sugarcane molasses and other plant extracts.

Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm

Get ready to fall in love. Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts from Danziger features heart shapes on every flower. It has a long flowering period and fits well in pots, baskets and combos. Part of the new Amore series, with semi-trailing habit, large flowers and contrasting stripes.

Fine Americas Inc.
Piccolo 10 XC is clearly an advanced plant growth regulator (PGR) formulation—it’s the world's first and only 4% paclobutrazol formulation for compact, consistent quality plants as well as easier handling and mixing. Since it comes in a crystal clear solution instead of a murky suspension, Piccolo 10 XC mixes quickly and evenly for unmatched consistency. Plus, 1 quart of Piccolo 10 XC equals 2.5 gallons of regular Piccolo, so there is less product to store and handle and a lower carbon footprint for your operation.

Argus Control Systems Ltd.

Argus introduces I/O Plus, an advanced module that concentrates more input/
output capacity and control into less space and provides greater flexibility for your climate control strategies. Used within an Argus system, I/O Plus modules communicate seamlessly with controllers and other I/O modules using a two-wire connection. For a small greenhouse, a single I/O Plus equipped with a controller offers an appropriate stand-alone solution to control a simple climate zone. GT 

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