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Sunday, July 31, 2016 Vol. 80 No. 3

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New Products
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 6/29/2016

Abbott-Ipco Inc.

Caladium Berries N’ Burgundy is a fancy-leaved 2015/2016 introduction. Berries N’ Burgundy has a very distinctive look with a bronze background, pink and white center, and bright pink primary veins. Berries N’ Burgundy is an intermediate to tall variety that appears to tolerate full sun. Habit is improved with de-eyeing for smaller pots. For more information, email abbott@abbott-ipco.com.

Ball Seed
Ordering from Ball Seed is at your fingertips with the new WebTrack To Go mobile app. Download now for free in The App Store and at Google Play. Access real-time product inventory from hundreds of suppliers and place orders by seed count or package size. Find product substitutions and track shipment deliveries and your Ball Seed order status anywhere, anytime. Look up product and culture information, upload photos to create and manage claims. Reader

Segovis fungicide, a recent innovation from Syngenta, is fueled by a novel active ingredient that sets a higher standard for long-lasting control of downy mildew and Phytophthora spp. Segovis is an excellent rotation partner with Micora and Subdue Maxx fungicides to help manage resistance on a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs in greenhouses and nurseries. With its low-use rates and four-hour REI (restricted-entry interval), Segovis can help reduce chemical input costs and generate labor savings from fewer hours spent re-applying.

Dümmen Orange

SunStanding New Guinea Impatiens are a brand new introduction from Dümmen Orange for 2017. Sporting bright flowers over glossy green and bronze foliage, these New Guineas are both striking and sturdy, thriving in most garden conditions. Uniquely sun loving, the SunStanding series is naturally compact, requiring minimal PGR applications. With Dümmen’s “Quick Turnaround” (QT) cuttings, 306 packs will be marketable within five to seven weeks with great flower-power at retail and in the garden. Pictured from left to right: White Cloud, Coral Aurora and Rose Aurora.

Kemin Industries Inc.
TetraCURB Concentrate is a powerful (50% active) botanical miticide for the control of two-spotted spider mites. Formulated with both an essential oil from Kemin’s proprietary clonal rosemary line and surfactants, it offers multiple modes of action and provides more uniform spreading on plant surfaces, maximizing product efficiency and minimizing phytotoxicity. The product has a zero re-entry interval (REI). TetraCURB can be purchased direct in 1-gal., 6-gal. and 28-gal. units. Special pricing is offered on trial gallon units.

P.L. Light Systems Inc.
P.L. Light Systems’ new HortiLED products offer a solution for virtually any type of indoor horticultural application. The LED optics have been engineered to deliver unrivalled lighting performance—delivering the best possible combination of performance and efficacy. With the new HortiLED products (HortiLED TOP, HortiLED INTER and HortiLED MULTI)—growers no longer have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings. They can achieve the same lighting performance as traditional sources, with all the benefits of LEDs. GT

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