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Tuesday, November 24, 2015 Vol. 79 No. 7

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New Products
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 10/28/2015

Growth Products Ltd.

Companion Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder is a broad-spectrum biological fungicide for the prevention, control and suppression of diseases on all agricultural crops. It’s registered as a pesticide by the EPA (71065-4) and is OMRI listed for use in organic food production. Available in easy-to-use 8-oz., 5-lb., 20-lb. and 50-lb. packages, Companion Wettable Powder is a dry concentrate that’s fully soluble in water. It can be applied as a soil drench, foliar spray or organic seed treatment on all types of field-grown food crops, including vegetables, herbs, small fruits, berries and nut trees, as well as in greenhouse plug production and hydroponics operations. 

Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Salmon (pictured) is the latest addition to the Surfinia Summer Double Petunias from Suntory Flowers. This uniform series is early flowering and grower friendly. Unlike other double petunias, Summer Doubles offer outstanding heat and rain tolerance and award-winning garden performance. Dead flowers don’t stand out as new blooms cover old. Also new is the Double Romance combo featuring three Surfinia Summer Double varieties—Rose, Pink and White. They blend beautifully and will command a premium. 

Darwin Perennials
The Sombrero series of echinacea consists of sturdy, compact plants that are very floriferous in bright, rich colors. Available as tissue culture-raised liners, Sombrero’s vibrant colors are matched by its exceptional winter hardiness (USDA Zone 4) and excellent branching. It shows great at retail to command a premium price. New Echinacea Sombrero Baja Burgundy is well matched in habit and timing to the rest of the series. Plant Sombrero in the spring and sell it the same year. 

Dramm Corporation

The joy of hand watering is short-lived when battling your hose. The constant pulling and twisting wears on your hose and you. Dramm relieves this stress and brings back the joy of hand watering with the new Brass Hose Swivel. This USA-made product swivels while under pressure to allow hose-end accessories to turn independently of the hose, allowing you to twist and turn while watering without the hose getting tangled.

ABZ Seeds
Strawberry F1 Ruby Ann is a real eye-catcher for its sensational ruby-red flower color. This compact plant produces a ruby-red cascade of flowers and sweet fruits all summer long. Fruits are medium-sized and have a typical strawberry-like conical shape. Ruby Ann will be the new flagship of the ABZ Hanging Basket series for the ornamental and home garden market. 

Hort Americas
In Hort Americas’ efforts to fuel progress in controlled environment agriculture, the company is now offering Hort Americas 9-7-37 Hydroponic Fertilizer. Hort Americas has developed this unique fertilizer in cooperation with CEA hydroponic specialists, academics and researchers to meet the nutritional requirements of edible crops produced by hydroponic growers. The fertilizer can be used with a variety of hydroponically grown crops, including lettuce, basil and microgreens. 

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