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Saturday, August 29, 2015 Vol. 79 No. 4

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New Products
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 7/27/2015

Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Endless Summer BloomStruck Hydrangea is another breeding breakthrough. After 50 days below 0F (-17C) and a low of -28F (-33C), BloomStruck flowered heavily the following spring on old growth and put out loads of blooms on new growth. In addition to cold tolerance, BloomStruck’s glossy dark green leaves are more heat resistant, preventing wilting in mid-day heat. This rebloomer has rounded flowers averaging 3.5 to 5 in. in intense rose-pink, violet or blue (depending on pH levels), held upright on striking ruby-red stems.

The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina LLC
The Greenhouse Company of South Carolina has developed an Outside Air Inflation System that’s capable of drawing air through two layers of polyethylene film without restricting the air space between the two layers. This is accomplished by a self-adjusting intake tube that’s attached individually to each layer of film. As the polyethylene inflates, the inner layer slides along the intake tube to a maximum of 10 in. of inflation. The picture shows how the Outside Air Inflation System slides back and forth.

Ball FloraPlant
The Ball FloraPlant Real Series gives you the best predictability in your crops. They evaluated all their series to fulfill three criteria: 1) All varieties flower and ship within the same week; 2) All share the same culture recommendations, and finish with the same habit and vigor; and 3) They’re the most uniform assortment on the market. The Archangel Real Series has the biggest blooms of any angelonia. They ship with less breakage, shrinkage and tangling. Easy for high-density production.

Harnois Greenhouses

This Luminosa Series 8 & 9 is the beefed-up, northern version of their popular Luminosa, with over 500 acres sold across the world, in warm, tropical climates. Already featuring amazing light levels, superior stability in climate control and improved yields, it now has reliable snow load capacities. Brighter and stronger, it’s competitively priced against other high-quality, gutter-connected greenhouses. Pictured: Luminosa Series 11, 36 ft. wide with suspended Aquaboom.

Terra Nova Nurseries Inc.
This new perennial from the verticillata hybrid series ups the bar with its fast growth rate and mounding habit. Like a traditional verticillata, it’s very hardy, however, Coreopsis Ladybird is more compact and resistant to powdery mildew. Red flowers over bright green linear leaves provide an excellent color-spot for mixed beds and borders, mass plantings, an accent or a container. This is Terra Nova Nurseries’ reddest coreopsis and blooms throughout the entire summer with a magnetic attraction for butterflies.

Hydrofarm Inc.
Available exclusively from Hydrofarm, the Mini Sunburst Complete Light System is available in two budget-friendly versions to suit different growing situations: 100W with MH lamp and 150W with HPS lamp. The Mini Sunburst is super quiet, lightweight and compact, and hangs easily with the included hangers. With its highly reflective hammertone finish, the Sunburst system is a shining value. GT

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