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Friday, July 03, 2015 Vol. 79 No. 3

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New Products
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 6/29/2015

Emerald Coast Growers
The Coreopsis Lil Bang series presented by Emerald Coast Growers features cute, compact counterparts to the famed Big Bang collection. They’re naturally dwarf, ideal for smaller borders or containers. Pictured: Enchanted Eve, whose bicolor petals are dark yellow at the tips with rich red-orange bases around golden centers. Plants produce compact 6- to 10-in. mounds of neat narrow leaves. The series includes six colors. Hardy in Zones 5 to 9.  

P.L. Light Systems Inc.
P.L. Light System’s HSE NXT II 1,000 Watt light fixture combines optimum light output and efficiencies, with years of maintenance-free operation. Key features include: advanced, high-efficiency electronic ballast—delivers optimum light output with less energy consumption; compatible with P.L. Light’s high-performance Alpha and Beta reflectors for the ideal light distribution for any crop; robust cast-aluminum housing, designed for ease-of-maintenance and optimum thermo-regulation; and unique “breathable” membrane prevents dust from getting into the fixture, ensuring excellent ventilation for long-term operating reliability.

Proven Winners LLC
Superbells Garden Rose is a unique and totally different calibrachoa—with exceptional performance in the ground. This new variety from Proven Winners has great tolerance to adverse soil conditions that normally impact calibrachoas in ground longevity. Specifically screened for resistance to Thielaviopsis. Grande containers finish in 4 to 6 weeks and quarts in 5 to 7 weeks. Recommended for early spring through fall finish.  

EuroAmerican Propagators

Balsamic Blooms, Ocimum hybrid, is a new versatile basil that can be grown in an edible or ornamental program. It’s completely edible and continues to produce soft foliage during and after blooming without becoming brittle and dying off. Its deep purple blooms are simply fabulous, lasting for weeks—just one reason Balsamic Blooms is a great choice to feature for an endcap display at retail. These beauties require less water, are easy to grow and perform well in an array of pot sizes including 4 in., 6 in. and gallons. With flavors ranging from mint-blooms to soft, sweeter basil-leaves, it’s truly a game changer.

PittMoss LLC
PittMoss, an alternative over sphagnum peat moss, is a mix of proprietary additives and recycled paper rescued from dwindling landfill space. PittMoss wets consistently, easily and evenly, while retaining moisture (up to a 50% better moisture-holding capacity) and draining very well. Its unique fiber structure significantly increases air space (or porosity), enabling the fiber to hold on to water and nutrients, releasing them slowly to a plant’s root system. PittMoss is slightly acidic in pH, is low in EC and offers improved shelf life. Currently available to commercial greenhouses and nurseries in a few states in the Northeast and Midwest.

Nature’s Source Plant Food
Bring your soil to life. Nature’s Source Plant Probiotic is a unique complex of beneficial microorganisms that promotes the establishment and enhances the growth of crops in all types of soils and growing media. It strengthens plants’ natural immunity and aids in nutrient breakdown, availability and absorption, while reducing nutrient leaching. The powder mixes easily with cold water. New water-soluble pouches are pre-measured for ease of use; one pouch dissolves quickly in 50 gal. of water. GT

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