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Thursday, April 27, 2017 Vol. 80 No. 12

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The Goods
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 3/29/2017

Allsop Home & Garden

Make the garden glow with dazzling Soji Stella Boho Globe Solar Lanterns. Offered in two metallic shades and made from durable Tyvek punched with a bold floral pattern, these lanterns will stun by day and cast beautiful designs at night.

A.M.A. Plastics Ltd.
Use the EPla 40-cm Sara Container to change your packaging and increase your profit margins. This glossy, sleek container will accentuate the flowers and plants growing inside. Several colors available including pink, purple, lime and red. Size 12 cm by 15 cm. Made from polypropylene.

Anthony Tesselaar Plants

Basal-branching Festival Raspberry Cordyline forms multiple short stems spreading out from the plant base to create a sturdy, low-growing plant. Drought tolerant once established. Ideal in containers or as a dramatic addition to landscapes in small groups or mass plantings. Low maintenance. Zones 8 to 11.

Ball Ingenuity

These big, vigorous plants have excellent heat tolerance and grow well in both full sun and full shade. Begonia Whopper is truly a tough-as-nails begonia with bold color from spring through fall. Available exclusively through Ball Seed.
Bloem Living LLC
The BloemBagz Mini Herb Planter is perfect for growing herbs in small spaces. The double-layered breathable fabric, made from 100% recycled materials, allows air to reach the roots of plants and herbs. BloemBagz folds flat for easy storage.

Bushel and Berry
Baby Cakes is a dwarf and thornless blackberry plant. Its compact habit makes it perfect for patio pots. In summer, large berries present in firework-like displays of fruit. In most regions, this blackberry will produce twice in one season.


DaydreamHQ’s Vintage Cedar Garden Markers are 100% weather safe and are the perfect addition for any indoor or outdoor herb garden. The markers are a beautiful reminder to what’s planted, and are a fun way to add color and interest.

Dümmen Orange
Introducing the beautifully innovative Confetti Garden Safari series, headlined by the richly textured new Great Falls trailing coleus. Safari has been tested across the USA to ensure a matched vigor and habit with excellent results. 2018 is the year Dümmen Orange reinvents Confetti Garden. Pictured: Confetti Garden Evening Safari.

Entryways USA

Pet lovers know better than anyone that the family pet is often the first one to greet family and friends at the door, and what better way to capture that than with Entryways’ Pet Home mat?! Measuring 17 in. by 28 in., this mat is crafted from all-natural coir and has a non-slip backing.
Featherock Inc.

Sierra Artisan Garden Sculptures are handmade from natural pumice stone in the Sierra Nevada Mountains by an in-house artist. Each beautifully marbled gray stone is transformed into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Spring 2017 styles include mushrooms, owls, bears and bunnies.

Garden Works
With a premium stainless steel blade, the Comfort Grip Soil Scoop is great for digging holes, weeding and making seed furrows. As an added feature, the scoop includes serrated edges that can easily cut through roots. The Comfort Grip handle is made from more than 50% recycled material. Made in the USA.

Georgetown Home and Garden

Georgetown Home and Garden introduces six new styles of Solar Fairy Doors. Measuring at 6-in. tall, they can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for the fairy lover or as a night light. Requires charging in bright light. Pictured: The Rectory Solar Fairy Door.

Home Bazaar Inc.
Painted Bird Seed Containers made of galvanized zinc metal make storage easy and attractive. These containers endured a process of applying a powdered-coated, protective zinc coating to prevent rusting, making them long lasting outdoors. Available in a nested set of three—small 9.5 L, medium 18 L and large 24.5 L in beige, black or dark green. Each can has its own metal scoop.

LED Habitats LLC

LED Habitats are a naturally beautiful indoor grow light system for nurturing seedlings, herbs, flowers, fresh salad greens and any sun-loving plants in a small space. Perfect for indoor herb gardens, miniature/fairy gardens and microgreens. An ideal gift item.

Mycorrhizal Applications

Actinovate Lawn and Garden is a biological fungicide that suppresses and controls root rot, damping-off fungi and foliar fungal pathogens. Its active ingredient is a patented bacterium that grows around the root system (when soil-drenched) and foliage of the plant (when sprayed on) to protect plants and lawns. Actinovate Lawn and Garden is OMRI-listed for organic use.

National Hardware Show

Reimagine retail at the 2017 National Hardware Show, Tuesday, May 9 to Thursday, May 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show will provide access to buying opportunities, merchandising ideas, money-saving deals and networking. Discover thousands of exhibitors, 15 product categories, and new products and brands based on your interests.

PanAmerican Seed
New breeding has eliminated cyclic blooming for this pentas, which means more flowers at retail. Pentas Lucky Star has a fast follow-up of secondary blooms that stay in saleable, full-color condition in the store and in shoppers’ gardens. Series debuts with six colors.

Plant Nanny Company Inc.

Plant Nanny Watering Globe and Stake sets are an effective and decorative way to water houseplants. A Plant Nanny terracotta stake is included to support the globe reservoir and slowly releases water directly to the plant’s root system.

Pleasant View Gardens Inc.
The stunning green and gold variegated foliage of Savor Edibles & Fragrants’ Ginger Mint Julep becomes more pronounced in cooler temperatures. Ginger Mint Julep leaves are a great addition to fresh summer melon salads, warm or cool teas, and lemonades.

Star Roses and Plants
This low-growing gardenia lives up to its name, Buttons, because it’s “cute as a button” with abundant, 2-in. semi-double flowers with a button center. Extremely fragrant and heat tolerant—Gardenia jasminoides Buttons does well in containers and in the landscape.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.

Sun Parasol Apricot from Suntory Flowers matches the Sun Parasol Giant Mandevillas with blooms spanning 3.5- to 4.5-in. Ideal for trellises and larger pots, it’s a fast grower with excellent branching. Apricot’s trailing habit is also beautiful in hanging baskets.

Syngenta Flowers
Sunfinity Sunflower offers endless blooms all season long. Unlike traditional sunflowers, these keep on growing long after traditional single-stem sunflowers have bloomed and died.

Weeks Roses
Children’s Hope is a delightful and prolific bloomer that supports the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. The medium red, double-petal blossoms measure just 1.5- to 2-in. in diameter and is produced in large clusters. This Polyantha Shrub rose has a compact habit, making it ideal for small spots in the landscape or as a decorative container on a balcony or patio. GP

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