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Wednesday, July 01, 2015 Vol. 79 No. 3

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The Goods
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 6/29/2015

Atlantic Water Gardens
The TT-Series TidalWave3 Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency, asynchronous pumps. With seven models ranging from 1,500 to 9,000 gal. per hour, these pumps are designed to be clog-resistant and hard water-tolerant. Comes with a 3-year warranty.

Ball FloraPlant
Leverage summer foot traffic in your store with a great plant assortment and bold color. Heat-loving plants from Ball FloraPlant last all summer for consumer satisfaction. Try them in combos to appeal to high-impulse shoppers and decorators. Pictured: Ipomoea SolarPower Black, Lantana Little Lucky Hot Pink, Lysimachia Goldilocks and Angelonia Archangel Dark Rose.

Blooms of Bressingham
Achillea Little Moonshine has a great compact habit with the same bright gold flowers of Achillea Moonshine. This petite beauty grows 9 to 12 in. tall by 10 to 12 n. wide in sun. Ideal for containers and smaller gardens. Early and long blooming May to September. USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 8. Bred by Har Stemkens of Syngenta Flowers.

Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm

Coreopsis Solanna Glow showcases soft yellow single blooms with rich orange centers. Plants form compact mounds and bloom continuously from early summer through fall. Solanna Glow is excellent in the garden and containers and hardy to Zone 5.

DeWitt Company
DeWitt’s Leaf and Debris Tarps are made from a permeable, heavy-duty fabric complete with built-in loop handles. Leaf and Debris Tarps are great for landscaping and lawn maintenance projects, and are designed to withstand the weight and sharp edges of any waste material.

Dramm Corporation
The Revolution 9-Pattern Spray Gun delivers comfort, style and precision under your thumb. It aids in any outdoor function involving water; easily switch between water flow selections with the quick-change feature. It’s equipped with the One Touch Valve, allowing complete and total water flow control.

Dry My Gloves Inc.

TheGreenGloveDryer is a recycled air/heat energy dryer solution for gloves, shoes, boots and hats. Designed to use the air/heat already circulating through your home or office registers, simply place the unit over a floor register or against a baseboard register and the base forces air flow upward through the drying nozzles to dry wet articles from the inside out. No tools needed.

Emerald Coast Growers LLC
The Kudos series of agastache has airy blooms that rise over low, tight foliage mounds and makes a great container filler or mass garden planting. Pictured: Ambrosia, whose pale orange and rosy-pink spikes with creamy coconut highlights make a constantly changing display.

Entryways USA
These new Fall and Halloween doormats will bring home entrances to life. From “Boo” to “Cat Face,” the durable and colorful doormats make a lasting first impression. The artist-designed doormats are made of all-natural coconut fiber.

Flame Engineering Inc.

The Weed Dragon propane torch kit is perfect for naturally controlling weeds around the home or in gardens. Flame Engineering is committed to providing safe, durable, American-made solutions addressing the needs of consumers and the environment for control of unwanted vegetation.   

Georgetown Home and Garden
Georgetown Home and Garden has added 15 new items to their already well-established line of miniature Halloween items. The Trick or Treat sign comes on a stake, which will hold it in place in the garden soil.

Green Fuse Botanicals Inc.
The pendulous Begonia Hybrid Champagne Series showcases extra-large flowers against the contrasting foliage color. Begonia Champagne will wow gardeners with their performance and beauty. The colors for 2016 include Apricot, Orange, White and Yellow (pictured). 

Hort Couture Plants

Argyranthemum Dress Up Cotton Top from Hort Couture has a fluffy flower that sits upon green fern-like foliage. Cotton Top’s iridescent petals are highly stacked upon one another, creating an eye-catching architectural flower for full, fun combinations.

I Must Garden
I Must Garden Deer Repellent Spice Scent smells great and is pleasant to use. Made with natural ingredients and botanical oils, it’s environmentally friendly and safe to use around people and pets. Odorless when it dries; its effectiveness lasts for weeks and is rain resistant.

LFS Glove
The Wonder Grip Waterproof Glove is a double-dipped latex-coated glove that protects hands from wet, messy jobs. The palm is textured for excellent grip, and a seamless knit liner and ribbed cuff add comfort. Wonder Grip #318 is available in sizes S to XXL.

PanAmerican Seed

Inspire a whole new generation with the longest-lasting, fastest-growing, truly trailing Cool Wave Pansy. All backed by the powerful Wave brand. The newest color for fall decorating is Sunshine ’N Wine.

Proven Winners LLC
Unlike any other landscape gerberas, the Hello! Gerbera series offers plants that never stop blooming, with phenomenal in-ground landscape performance all summer long.  These premium cut flower annuals will constantly send up flowers throughout the spring and summer that are vase-worthy with tall, strong stems. Height 12 to 20 in., spread 10 to 14 in. Heat and humidity tolerant, and available in four outstanding colors.

Rancho Tissue Technologies

Agave lophantha Quadricolor is a small yet distinctive agave that reaches only 1 ft. in diameter and bears striking 6 to 8 in.-long, dark green, yellow-edged leaves with a pale green midstripe. Prefers full sun.

Spring Meadow Nursery Inc.

With rich flower color and dwarf-compact habit, you’re sure to love Miss Violet Butterfly bush buddleia. Loads of dark purple-violet summer flowers adorn this gem. This newest member of the series joins Miss Molly and Miss Ruby. USDA Zones 5a to 9b, grows to a height of 4 to 5 ft. Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs. 

Suntory Flowers Ltd
Designer White brings a new form to Sun Parasol Mandevillas. Plants full of white blooms grow into elegant bushes with sturdy stems that don’t need to be supported by trellises. Easy to train as a standard tree form or topiary.

The Conard-Pyle Co.
The Moody Blues Veronica series has something for everyone: the grower, the retailer and the consumer. Their compact habit and re-blooming qualities make them an excellent choice. Four great colors that don’t require vernalization.

TRX Business Supplies Inc.

Create custom signage for outdoor applications. TRX waterproof laser paper is available in various weights, sizes and colors that will not tear, fade and is resistant to grease and solvents. TRX die cut, waterproof synthetic plant wraps are laser and digital press compatible, tear-resistant and pre-perforated. Free sample kits available.

Valley Packaging Inc.
Valley Lime Pet Owners’ Lawn Rejuvenator helps restore the natural pH of lawns that have been damaged from pet urine, which leaves unsightly brown or “dead” patches of lawn. The lime neutralizes the effects of the urine, resulting in healthier grass and shrubs. But best of all, it’s safe for pets. Twenty pounds will cover 1,000 sq. ft. of grass.

Woolly Pocket LLC
The Living Wall Planter 2 is a modular, self-watering design made in the USA from durable, 100% recycled milk jugs and is BPA free. It works indoors and out, on walls, fences and even as a tabletop planter. The smooth, rounded shape hugs the wall via a hidden internal wall hook. The planter’s vented shell promotes strong, healthy roots. Available in charcoal gray, green and white. GP

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