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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 Vol. 79 No. 1

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The Goods
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 4/28/2015

Back to the Roots

The AquaFarm 3-gal. fish tank is a closed-loop, self-cleaning ecosystem. Using the science of aquaponics, the fish waste naturally fertilizes the plants above and the plants, in turn, clean the water for the fish. Great for small pet fish and growing fresh herbs.

Ball Horticultural Company
The GrowIt! Garden Socially app uses geo-location and user ratings to help gardeners explore plants that work in their area. Engage with the next generation of gardeners! Retailers can create a profile, post photos and direct locals to their store.

Ball Ornamentals
Hydrangea macrophylla L.A. Dreamin’ gives you pink and blue flowers and everything in between on the same plant. Get that desir- able blue color without special fertilizer or soil amendments. It’s reliably hardy and has great reblooming power.

Be Metal Be

These premium-quality, 5-ft. 11-in. by 3-ft. laser-cut steel screens are rusted to an optimal level and then coated with a sealant. The screens can be used in a seemingly endless number of indoor and outdoor applications. Six designs are immediately available, offering different levels of block-out for privacy and decorative use.

BioSafe Systems LLC

BioSafe Plant Food is an all-purpose plant food containing natural nutrients extracted from seeds. Easy-to-metabolize nutrition helps plants grow stronger roots, greener foliage and more blooms. The highly concentrated oilseed extract found in BioSafe Plant Food is non-salt based, so users won’t burn plants and can feed all plant types.

Botanical Collections
Botanical Collections’ newest item, Distressed Trough, is a large trough in old white. This unique planter measures 7 in. high and 20 in. in length. The exterior has a crackled finish and is lightly distressed.  

Drain Smart

Drain Smart discs are a container-drainer product that promote better drainage and help prevent root-rot and patio/deck staining. The discs are composed of thick nylon mesh with a layer of geo-filter fabric fixed on one side and are reusable. They come in 6-in. and 12-in. sizes and can be trimmed with scissors.

Dümmen Group
Ecke Ranch’s Prestige Burgundy Poinsettia is quite a tough poinsettia, surviving the 1-meter drop test with no stem or branch breakage. It’s ideal for high-density production due to its strong V-shaped architecture. Prestige Burgundy features vivid burgundy bracts with large cyathia.

The Forget-Me-Nots doormat from Entryways’ Sweet Home Collection bears an original design, hand stenciled with permanent fade-resistant dyes. This mat is crafted of all-natural coir with non-slip backing. Measures 17 in. by 28 in. and is 0.5 in. thick. Comes in case packs of four.


Summer sizzles with Salvia hybrid Heatwave Brilliance in a strong cerise color. With an extraordinarily upright habit that won’t fall open, it reaches an impressive 27 in. Superior drought and heat tolerance, plus hummingbird and butterfly appeal up the ante and the color show lasts from spring through fall.

Garden in the Koop
Save The Bees Garden Box is filled with six seed packs of flowers both your customers and the bees will love. Includes early, mid and late bloomers so that bees can work and feast early and late into the season. Mostly perennials, the seeds can be started indoors and later moved.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf feeders are 100% handcrafted in the USA. Each feeder is hand poured and hand painted locally. The inside is glazed and fired for easy cleaning, then sealed to preserve each freehanded dazzling design.

MaxLite Inc.

Installation-friendly LED small and large Adjustable Wall Packs offer significant energy savings and are perfect for lighting outdoor walkways and landscapes, as well as LED Bullet Flood Lights that provide energy-efficient, directional lighting for landscapes, façades and outdoor signage.

This bestselling lightweight rEarth 3.5-in. Square Tech Pot has always been a great value-priced container option. Now available in rEarth water bottle plastic, these pots are 100% recycled and curbside-recyclable. This redesigned pot is stronger and better in automation than its predecessor.

Morning Dew Tropical Plants
For a true tropical patio or landscape plant, consider the 6-in. Coconut Palm. The coconut is visible at the base of the plant! The Coconut Palm will do well in all types of light and requires very little care.

North Country Wind Bells

Three melodic tones echo through the Sea Anchor Wind Bell crafted of recycled steel. The wind bell features an anchor design on one side, dancing waves along the bell’s bottom edges and complete with a white anchor sailing in the wind.

Oglesby Plants International
Anthurium Tickled Pink has flowers that start out dark lavender and mature to vibrant, fluorescent pink with lavender overtones. Tickled Pink is a vigorous grower with excellent tolerance to common anthurium diseases. The compact growth habit and large flowers held just above the foliage make it economical to grow and ship. Recommended for 6- to 8-in. pots.

Proven Winners LLC
Dark Knight Lobularia will bring continuous masses of deep purple flowers to the landscape or containers all summer long. Very cold tolerant, with blooms until a hard frost. Will reach 15 in. in height with a 36-in. spread. A Proven Winners exclusive.

Rancho Tissue Technologies

Agave pelona Excalibur features a dark green dense rosette of narrow, toothless leaves that reach 2 to 4 ft. across. A long reddish spine tips each leaf. Since they don’t cluster, the singular rosettes are very symmetrical. Deep reddish-purple flowers are borne on a tall, unbranched spike in the spring.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.
New Sundenia Dipladenias produce gorgeous flowers twice the size of a typical dipladenia. Gardeners can enjoy large, mandevilla-style flowers on compact, bushy plants. Available in Red, Coral (pictured) and White, Sundenia is perfect for pots and hanging baskets.

The Conard-Pyle Co.
Little Bells Penstemon is a novel new complex hybrid that has purple flowers with a white throat. It flowers profusely in early spring and reblooms through fall. The foliage forms a nice basal mat. It’s hardy to Zone 6.

Under A Foot Plant Company

Valeriana supina Dwarf Valerian is a delightful creeping perennial to use at the garden’s edge, around shrubs and trees or as a front entry planting. Aromatic oval leaves form a thick, dense carpet, growing underground and on top, making it a vigorous groundcover that gets covered with fragrant pink flowers in spring. Height: 2 to 4 in.

Uwharrie Chair Company Inc.
This comfortable lounge chair from the Carolina Preserves Collection comes in hand-crafted plantation-grown, pressure-treated pine and recycled Premium Uwharrie Polymer; both warranted for a lifetime. The collection consists of a mix of pieces, including benches, ottomans, side tables and dining. Available in 29 water-based, non-toxic finishes. Made in the USA.

VegTrug Ltd
The funky Tweetie Feeder comes in a choice of four shades—natural, red, yellow and white. Made from 100% sustainable FSC plantation-grown cedar, the feeder combines fun and style, as well as providing an attractive focal point for encouraging wild birds to share the garden. GT

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