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Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 4

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Big Products for Small Spaces
| Jennifer Polanz
>> Published Date: 7/30/2014
You’ve read all the statistics that say food gardening is a major trend. But here’s a few more statistics that may surprise you: the largest growth in food gardening households was seen in urban areas—a jump of 29% in the last five years. And 50% of all food gardening households live in the suburbs, according to “America’s Home Harvest,” a 2014 National Gardening Association special report that looked at food gardening over the past five years.

All told, 71% of food gardening in America is happening in small spaces, either in urban or suburban gardens or community gardens. That translates into a unique demand for products that help gardeners navigate a small plot for maximum yield. Here are a few new products on the market today that can help.

This tiered mobile cart features growing capacity of 9 or 12 sq. ft. with a copper penny hammered finish. It has deep pans for root veggies, microgreens, edibles, herbs or flowers, and can be planted directly or it can hold potted plants. It has heavy-duty locking casters, a cascading drainage system with a catch pan at the bottom and storage on the back. No tools are required for assembly and it goes together in about five minutes. It’s perfect for apartments, condos, high rises and patios. It’s also great for people with disabilities or physical limitations. Color can be customized. www.mobilegro.com


This vertical growing system is made from 100% Western Red Cedar and is handcrafted in the U.S.A. The vertical garden features a self-watering system and 17 ft. of linear growing space. Its footprint is 32 in. wide by 45 in. tall and 9 in. deep with a soil capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. Gronomics sells through multiple distributors including Ace Hardware, Arett Sales and BFG Supply, among others. www.gronomics.com

Easy Gardener

The Instant Garden is a ready-to-go “pop-up” design that takes its inspiration from the collapsible lawn chair. It stands 30 in. high and holds 2 cu. ft. of soil. Its elevated height and small footprint are great for small spaces and for gardening without bending or kneeling. It features plastic-coated brown canvas with weather-resistant, powder-coated metal legs and doesn’t require any tools or assembly. Easily folds down for winter storage. www.easygardener.com

Veggie Cage LLC

The Tomato Ring doesn’t just work for tomato plants; it can be used for all types of peppers, eggplants and even zucchini to keep them off the ground and minimize sprawl. The rings are designed to be used with a wide variety of stake sizes and types. The rings are made from something called carbon black, which is also used in auto tires and overhead electric lines, and gives them long life despite continued exposure to sun. The ring portion is galvanized spring steel, another highly durable metal that springs back to its original position. Three rings are recommended to get proper support. Made in the USA. www.veggiecage.com

Gardener’s Supply Co.
Most people know Gardener’s Supply Co. as a direct-to-consumer company, but last year it announced it would sell wholesale products to retailers. Among those products are some developed at Gardener’s Supply HQ that are great for small spaces. One of them is the melon/squash cradle. Made of polypropylene, it holds up to 8 lbs. and spikes directly into the ground to keep melons and squash elevated,promoting even ripening and preventing rot.

A second product from Gardener’s Supply is the colorful tomato grow bag, made from double layer poplypropylene that allows roots to breathe. The bag is 14½ in. square and 16 in. tall, holds 73 quarts of planting mix and allows gardeners to grow in tight spaces. It folds flat for storage once the season is done. There are grow bags designed for salads, potatoes and peppers, as well. Made in the USA. Call (888) 560-1036. GP

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