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Thursday, August 17, 2017 Vol. 81 No. 4

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Cheap Tricks: A Fresh Take on Retail
| Jennifer Polanz
>> Published Date: 4/28/2014
I spent two days wandering the aisles at Global Shop, a trade show that encompasses virtually all aspects of retail. But the real gold here, aside from a vast array of vendors, is the display and store setup ideas. I took myself out of the mindset of the traditional garden center retailer and tried to think about different ways to set a store and what kind of displays attract our attention at retail. It’s a great exercise and worth the trip to Las Vegas next March 24-26 to check it out.

Vignettes Still Rule
The display pictured above won an award in the home & garden segment (which featured virtually no “garden” displays, sadly) for a creative true-to-life vignette of the major appliances in a kitchen, plus a flat-screen display with a loop of the appliances’ features. I could see this with a mocked-up porch featuring pots, a flowerbed and rocking chairs with a looped video about the plants.

Try it Out
I included this one to challenge us to figure out how we can get more tactile in our displays. Maybe we can’t, but displays like this one with the PS4 (which retails for $499) shows that the more someone experiences the product the more likely they are to buy it. Hence, the many vendors at the show promoting electronic anti-theft devices.

Never Too Early

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and this show had some really inspiring holiday setups on display. Here are just two shots of them. I loved the color blocking, along with the variety of textures and the height in each.

All the Senses
A display for Airwick’s limited edition U.S. National Park inspired scents not only smelled amazing, but it appealed to customers with colorful images of—what else—flowers! But what caught my eye on this award-winning display was the description: the goal was to attract female customers 35 to 64 (sound familiar?). The design employs sculpted, curved shapes and bright, high-impact imagery of appealing destinations, fruits and flowers. The display will be repeated and expanded in 2014 due to its success.

Oh, Las Vegas, You Show Off

And just in case you didn’t already know, Las Vegas is the queen of over-the-top, and I wanted to include a few shots from storefronts, mainly because these types of mega-retail visuals are starting to become the norm in an overly crowded retail landscape. How else do you stand out in Las Vegas? By going even MORE over the top. Look at the presentation of the retail stores around you. Is it time to go bigger and better?

Tech It Out
Our industry obviously has unique challenges versus other retailers, particularly when it comes to the environment of the greenhouse and moisture. So it’s difficult to incorporate flat-screens, but I was amazed at all the displays that included these screens and video content, including a cardboard Speed Stick display and a shelf-talker for stuffed animals.

Change it Up

Brant Instore was one of many vendors using flowers to help sell their visual merchandising products. But I just loved this display, featuring giant banners printed on synthetic paper. It was so easy to switch out that they did it for every day of the show. It reminded me that customers want to see new stuff when they come in and a simple thing like changing out banners can refresh the look without a lot of work.

Silent Sales
This display could easily be replicated (and may be) in our industry with pest/disease controls or lawn care. It’s a great way to break down the benefits of a product at the point-of-purchase in case an employee isn’t available to help.

Check it Out
Cash wrap is a great place to merchandise. The customer HAS to go through that section to buy what they want, right? You have a captive audience. Tensator, which specializes in efficient checkouts, as well as customer flow, had a great setup displayed, which makes the cash wrap orderly AND a place for increased sales opportunities. GP

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