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Thursday, April 24, 2014 Vol. 77 No. 12

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Product Profiles
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 3/26/2014

Abbott-Ipco Inc.
Though a strap-leaf variety, Debutante will remind you of the classic variety Candidum, with bright white leaves and deep green veins. Debutante has a short pot crop time and has a beautiful habit with or without de-eyeing. Debutante should be useful as a border plant in combination patio planters or in shaded landscapes.

Absco Industries
My First Garden is a range of raised garden beds that have been especially designed for kids. My First Garden is Australian-made from safe and high-quality materials, which are perfect for growing a variety of herbs, flowers and veggies.

Action Packaging Systems
The Gold Seal Horticultural Label Applicator is for growers of potted plants. The GS-80 heavy-duty label applicator is designed to perform flawlessly in harsh outdoor labeling environments and comes complete with label slitter/rewinder. For details, visit booth 711 at Cultivate’14, call (888) 845-2235 or visit www.GoldSealApplicators.com.

Angel Tool Company
The Ring Weeder is designed to be worn over a gardening glove, slipping on to your index finger. Benefiting both consumers and nurseries alike, The Ring Weeder effortlessly helps weed densely planted areas or pots where larger tools can’t fit.

Applied Polymer Systems
When it’s applied with seed and fertilizer, the Soil Zinger will hold everything together, allowing the seed to take root and prevent erosion. By holding the fertilizer in place, when it rains, the fertilizer doesn’t run off into ponds, causing an algae bloom to occur.

Biostok Foliage
Calathea Fusion White is a new hybrid foliage plant. It has a variegated marbled white/green color on the surface and light purple finishes under the leaves. Overall, it shows a compact look and is suitable for any interiorscape designs.

Burpee Home Gardens
Learn about the Burpee Home Gardens program online and download special bench card signs to enhance your branded flower and vegetable sales. Engage with your customers through downloadable project videos and podcasts. More selling tools to explore at ballseed.com/BurpeeHomeGardens.

Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Heuchera Kira Rockies from Danziger features dark-veined silver leaves and contrasting red undersides. Kira Rockies is a vigorous mounding, medium leaf heuchera. Hardy to Zones 5 to 9. Performs well in sun or shade. Kira varieties are heat and drought tolerant. Ideal for pot, ground cover, patio and mixed containers.

Eclipse Sun Products
UPF 50+ Eclipse Sun Sleeves provide full arm and hand sun protection. Designed with special quick dry technology, they provide moisture wicking and cooling. They’re made of Spandex to provide a non-slip fit and are machine-washable.

Emerald Coast Growers LLC
Pennisetum Regal Princess is the newest jewel in the Royal Collection. With features similar to Princess, it offers improved purple color and enhanced disease resistance. Reaches 3- to 4-ft. high. Thrives in the heat. Full sun to partial sun. USDA Zones 7 to 11.

Essay Group LLC
Made of kiln-dried beautiful white birch, the Light n’ Go Bonfire is a great alternative to firewood and takes the guesswork out of setup. The embedded wick enables users to light the log with just one match.

Flora Pack
Innovative and space-saving, the magnetic ceramic pot displays perfectly on any metal surface. Offered with the newest Paris Series Kalanchoes, it gives life to any room. Conveniently comes with custom display case for easy setup and quick sales.

Flori-Design Inc.
Plantscapes are beautiful miniature gardens that are planted into secondary-use containers designed to enhance urban spaces. They evoke feelings of calmness and serenity while bringing nature inside. Available in several lovely styles of containers. Easy-care instructions are included.

Georgetown Home and Garden
Georgetown Home and Garden has added two mini fountains to their Fiddlehead Fairy collection. The 16908 fountain (pictured) is 4.5 in. wide and UL approved—just plug it in. Running water over rocks is a great new look for fairy gardens.

Glass Eye Studio
Island Mosaic is one of four new vibrant color combinations to join their selection of Seattle-made Art Glass Hummingbird Feeders. Island Mosaic is 4 in. in diameter, includes plastic tube feeder, hanging hook and instructions. Available for immediate shipment.

Heart of Florida Greenhouses Inc.
A heavily shade-grown agave that has beautiful soft cascading leaflets, Agave gemniflora Spaghetti Strap is drought tolerant with few pest or disease issues. For the interiorscaper, it offers a long tech cycle and withstands heavy traffic. For the landscaper, it can be a replacement for liriope in heavily shaded areas without irrigation.

HGTV HOME Plant Collection
Double blooms! Double Hot Pink mophead hydrangea prefers full to part sun and works in USDA Zones 5 to 9. This showstopper hydrangea has upright stems during blooming, blooms in late spring until frost and matures to 2 to 3 ft. high by 3 to 5 ft. wide.

PanAmerican Seed
New Osteospermum Akila Daisy White is a clear white osteo that’s tidy with cheery-faced blooms for Easter and Mother’s Day sales. It’s a 2014 All-America Selections National Bedding Plant Winner and ready to brighten your spring displays.

Raw Materials Design LLC
The Raw Materials Design Utility Apron is made from rugged, natural-colored 10-oz. cotton duck with heavy webbing ties and green, navy, white or red stitching. Handy pockets keep tools, glasses, cell phone, tags and pen within easy reach.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Suntory’s Surfinia Summer Double petunias offer outstanding garden performance. Tightly held flowers shed water with ease and hold up in heat. Fresh flowers continuously cover older flowers, reducing the need to deadhead. Colors include Rose, Pink and White.

Syngenta Flowers, Inc.
Winner of the 2014 All-America Selections award, Florific Sweet Orange New Guinea impatiens feature unique bicolor flowers in shades of salmon and orange that pair perfectly with its bronze-green foliage.

SILVESTRI by DEMDACO’s Glass Garden glistens in the sunlight. This vivid assortment of art glass birdbaths, garden stakes, wind chimes and more are designed to adorn outdoor spaces.

SuperMoss Woven Birdhouses are an excellent addition to any garden. Crafted from natural mosses, they make for the perfect nesting material, while structurally ready to withstand the elements for years thanks to their MossWeave design. A chain and hook come included for easy installation and easy move-in for your feathered friends.

The Conard-Pyle Company
Junior Walker is a compact version of its parent, Nepeta Walker’s Low. At one-third the size, it blooms throughout the growing season. It’s more floriferous than some other nepeta cultivars they’ve trialed. Many spikes of deep purple/blue blooms cover the plant in spring. It maintains a compact, mounding habit with aromatic grey-green foliage. GP

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