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Thursday, April 24, 2014 Vol. 77 No. 12

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Product Profiles
| Adriana Heikkila
>> Published Date: 2/27/2014

Abbott-Ipco Inc.
White Majesty is the largest white strap-leaf variety on the market. Its white leaves contrast well with its black petioles (stems). Useful in pots 4-in. plus and super in combination patio planters. It’s great in the landscape being intermediate in stature and sun-tolerant.

A.M.A. Plastics Ltd.
Al’s Flower Pocket is perfect for growing herbs or flowering plants on a fence or wall. It’s great for point-of-purchase displays with eye-catching color. Sell them finished or as a DIY product. Terrific for freshening up a patio for a special event.

Anamese Garden + Home
Elegant and casual at the same time. The Hurricane Lantern is a striking vessel for indoor dining, as well as the perfect accent for patios, decks and gardens. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight, allowing for easy transport. Available in Anthracite and Earth finishes.

Angela’s Garden

The Green Gardens Collection includes an all-natural hemp/organic cotton glove and apparel set for the eco gardener. Washable, one-size-fits-all hat, apron, tote and gloves made with vegetable tanned leather.

Anthony Tesselaar Plant
Volcano phlox produces an astonishing number of flowers from June to September. After the first massive flush, they can be deadheaded or cut back by 1/4 for a second bloom. These strong, sturdy phlox are exceptionally tolerant of powdery mildew.

Ball Ornamentals
Hydrangea macrophylla L.A. Dreamin’ gives you pink and blue flowers—and all colors in between—on the same plant. Get that desirable blue color without special fertilizer or soil amendments. It’s reliably hardy—trialed in harsh Chicago and Michigan winters.

Black & Decker

The 3-N-1 Compact Mower is an all-in-one lawn mower, string trimmer and edger for small yard and garden versatility. It includes a mower base deck with four wheels that secures a 12 in. String Trimmer/Edger. A foot pedal release allows for quick insertion and removal of the Trimmer/Edger. Available in both corded and cordless models.

Burpee Home Gardens
Try Basil offers three basil flavors in one pot: Genovese, serrated and dark red. Great for adding zest to kitchen herb gardens and a beautiful choice for containers. Available exclusively through the Burpee Home Gardens program.

Garden MarketPlace Inc.
The Complete Garden is a veggie garden in a box. Each kit includes three varieties of seeds (tomato, pepper and cucumber), seed starter tray, seed starter discs, fertilizer and Coconut Coir growing medium. An easy way for first-time gardeners to get their feet wet.

Growstone LLC

Gnat Nix! is the only scientifically proven, chemical-free fungus gnat control product on the market. It controls gnats at different points of their lifecycle, preventing adult emergence from hatching larvae and deterring females from laying eggs in the growing media. Effective under dry or moist conditions both indoors and outdoors.

Home Grown Ponics
All natural Freshwater Tidy Tank improves water quality naturally and reduces odors. Helps clean gravel substrates and tanks. It contains only beneficial bacteria, and breaks down organic debris in gravel and filters and removes sludge from substrate. Does not affect pH.

Horticultural Marketing & Printing
New Designer Tags add merchandising power to plain pot stakes and strip tags. Growers and retailers print (with a thermal-transfer printer) their information on the back and let the front side attract consumers. Available for trees, annuals, perennials, Christmas and Water Wise.

JRM Chemical Inc.

Soil Moist Transplant Tree & Shrub Formula is formulated to inoculate trees, plants and shrubs planting time. It contains a diverse blend of five species of ectomycorrhizal propagules and seven species of endomycorrhizal propagules, and contains water-storing polymers to reduce waterings by 50%.

Kay Berry Inc.
This stone is 11-in. by 8-in. in size and has a flat base that allows it to stand upright or lay flat. As all Kay Berry products, this stone is 100% American-made and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

McCorkle Nurseries Inc.
Carefully selected for exceptional blooms and cold hardiness, the new series of Bloom ’N Again azaleas offer repeat flowers from summer into fall. Pink Explosion azalea features a profusion of dark pink blooms. Part of the Gardener’s Confidence Collection.

Midwest Groundcovers LLC    
QuickCover Sedum is a mat-like finished product that promises 90% coverage at time of installation. The mix of eight sedum varieties provides plant diversity and is the perfect solution for tough landscape situations.

Modern Sprout LLC
The Modern Sprout Garden Jar is simple, self-sustaining and stylish. The vintage-inspired Mason jar—available in Amber, Rose, Blue and Green colors—is outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking” to bring water up to plant roots.

North Creek Nurseries Inc.
Phlox paniculata Jeana possesses extraordinary mildew-resistance with sweetly scented, lavender-pink flowers that bloom mid-summer through autumn. Petite flowers arranged in tennis-ball-sized flower clusters create a tiered effect atop sturdy, upright stems. Mature height 4 to 5 ft. with a 2- to 3-ft. spread. Zones 3 to 8.

Oglesby Plants International

Fatsia japonica Spiders Web features large leaves that emerge frosted in white webbing-like patterns that fade to subdued green with age. This unusual variegation changes with each leaf and season. Perfect for shady locations; will take morning sun. Great for gardens, patios or interiors. Bears large white flower clusters in winter. Grows to 5-ft. tall by 5-ft. wide.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Print your own POP! It’s easy to create and print customized bench cards and posters at www.suntorycollection.com. Add your logo and pricing, download and you are ready to go. It’s all part of YESS—Your Easy Suntory Solution.

Terra Nova Nurseries Inc.
The Penstemon Cha Cha series is best grown in Zones 6 to 9 with full sun. The series features four varieties, including Penstemon Cha Cha Hot Pink, Penstemon Cha Cha Lavender, Penstemon Cha Cha Purple (pictured) and Penstemon Cha Cha Pink. Now available for growers to pre-order.

The Conard-Pyle Company

Veronica Moody Blues Series is a new, compact, four-color series of Veronica available in dark blue, light blue, mauve and pink. They bloom in late spring and will re-bloom into the fall if cut back mid-summer.

The Super Salve Company

Arnica Liniment provides soothing relief for muscle aches and pains. Arnica Liniment is deep penetrating and oil-free and it uses the natural healing properties of Arnica flower (Arnica montana, also known by the common name Leopardsbane). It’s fast acting and helps to increase circulation.

Walters Gardens Inc.
Hemerocallis Midnight Raider is a tremendous performer. Large, fragrant, deep reddish-purple blossoms with a prominent citron yellow center stand atop very thick, exceptionally heavily budded scapes. This outstanding daylily blooms in midseason and then again later in the season. Height: 30 in. Zones 3 to 9. GP

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