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Thursday, April 17, 2014 Vol. 77 No. 12

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Christmas 2013 Redux
| Jennifer Polanz
>> Published Date: 12/30/2013
The New Year is a time for reflection, and what better to reflect upon than holidays past. Specifically, this holiday past and how vital displays are to creating an emotional connection with customers as they shop for the gifts, decorations, dinnerware and ornaments that (hopefully) leave a lasting impression.

In my search for the ultimate in Christmas, I stumbled upon Tis the Season, a year-round holiday shop in the middle of Ohio’s Amish country outside Berlin. My daughter and I took a trek down there to find displays worth copying and Amish food. We were not disappointed with either.

Light ‘Em Up

Displaying holiday lights is a tricky bag. You want to show what they look like, but don’t want customers to get tangled up in them. This wall display is a creative way to show off the lights at a distance.

Hung With Care
Some of the ornaments you showcase deserve more than just pegboard as a backdrop. These handcrafted ornaments are hung on simple hooks and backlit with their boxes to highlight their elegance.

Dancing on the Ceiling
I’m kind of over the upside down tree from the ceiling display, but I’m still all for these swags hung from the ceiling. It’s just the right amount without being the whole tree.
Through The Looking Glass
These windowpanes and faux fireplaces were set up all over to highlight indoor decorating ideas. This would be easy to recreate in your own store with a variety of motifs.

Getting Specific
Tis the Season had rooms set up for each theme, like the Alleluia Chapel where the religious ornaments resided. Other examples included ornaments for babies and kids, wedding and anniversary ornaments and Santa-themed decorations.

In The Club
Do you sell collectible items like Department 56, Steinbach Nutcrackers or others? A collector’s club would be a great way to collect email addresses and create a connection with your holiday customers.

Stockings & Tree Skirts, Oh My
Stockings and tree skirts can be awkward to display, but this rack with arms that move is a pretty creative way to do it. And this could be reused for flags during the spring and summer.

Elf Mail
A small table and a great old-fashioned mailbox make a cozy station to write letters to Santa. My daughter, Katie, wrote her letter to St. Nick and we mailed it, complete with a return mailing address. Hint: it’s also a great way to boost your mailing list. GP

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